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We pride ourselves on making customers happy on a job well done. Testimonials like the few below are why we do what we do!

  • We had them come in and take care of our massive amount of carpeted church space and it looked excellent. (Side note: We have several people in our church who can't be around smells that often are present after cleanings like this and they assured us that it wouldn't be a problem... and it wasn't. Life went on as normal in both our children and adult gathering spaces after the cleaning.)

    Jason Garris
  • We have used Bill and the gang several times, always providing excellent service and cleaner than new carpets and upholstery! They have been a blessing every time!

    Jodi Reagan
  • We used Dry Pros for our commercial property. They did our carpets, windows and upholstery and everything came out beautifully. The crew was efficient and courteous. We would definitely use them again.

    Lisa Grady
  • They put in a Water Control Drainage System for our leaking basement that runs the length of two walls. It looks like a baseboard but directs water outside. It's been great, no problems. They were great and showed up when they said they would and finished the job quickly. No complaints from us.

    Jennifer & Eugene Fortain
  • This is the THIRD time we have called in Dry Pros for regular service. Each time has been very satisfactory, even amazing. Bill and his son Philip offer services and results far above what one expects. The father-son have found and trained a crew which works in a very coordinated manner and achieves quite extraordinary results. On Friday, November 13, Philip and crew came to our home right on time and took 11 area rugs and throw rugs to their facilities to be cleaned and dried. They set up the day and time to return exactly one week later to clean 575 square feet of carpeting and 520 square feet of bamboo wood flooring and then place the area rugs and throw rugs. They arrived on time and a crew of four hard-working young men worked for over two hours to do the cleaning and then place the newly cleaned rugs. Very smoothly, very professional, all services provided on time as promised. The four young men were very courteous, hard working professional cleaners. We could not be more pleased. We will call them again in the future.

  • The crew worked from 5:30 - 10:00 PM to do this work. Mold was successfully removed and the areas were left clean and ready for the renovation to continue. I have every confidence that the mold mitigation was successful. I recommend them highly and appreciate their prompt response.

    Norma Richard
  • These guys are amazing... so amazing that I hesitate to write this glowing review for fear that the next time I call they may not be available because the world will know about them. But, the fact is, these guys will always be one step ahead. Once the good word is out about them, they will be prepared with however many well trained, professional techs they need to keep up the good work and spontaneous service. The bad news is that mold remediation is not cheap. The good news is that Dry Pros are here and have your back.

    George Oliva
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