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Mold Remediation

Stay healthy with our Mold Remediation services

Exposure to mold can result in a variety of health issues such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, runny nose, sinus congestion, frequent cold symptoms, headaches, fatigue, increased asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Call our specialists to help control mold and mildew growth in your home and prevent it from returning.

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Our Mold Remediation Crew

Black Mold Remediation

In one of our most recent jobs, black mold had caused extensive damage to the coat paneling and drywall as well as the parquet wood flooring. This damage required a new system to remove excess water and keep the area dry. Using a containment system and personal protection equipment, all contaminated materials had to be removed and properly disposed.

Don’t let water damage destroy your home, call our specialist for emergency water extractions service today. After proper treatments, air scrubbing, and clearance tests were performed, we were ready for reconstruction. However, the process doesn’t stop with new drywall.

The Full Renovation Process

To remedy the water intrusion, Dry Pros Cleaning Restoration Services installed a dry basement guttering system and large sump pump hidden behind new studs and drywall to give space back to a finished look. See more about our emergency water extraction services or view photos of this black mold removal job.



Moisture Problems & Mold

Diagnosing and remedying mold and moisture problems requires a technician with good detective skills, proper safety precautions, and a working knowledge of the best practices for mold cleanup and building rehabilitation. Before you address any extensive mold problems, it’s important to hire a company that is qualified, certified and trained like Dry Pros who will understand all the factors that may lead to further moisture damage, mold or a potential health risk. This checklist highlights some of the basics of mold remediation.

Mitigation and Remediation Protocols for Moderate or Extensive Mold Damage

Hiring a qualified professional service who is licensed with the necessary training and certifications for mitigating moderate or extensive mold damage is your most effective and efficient means of remediation in the long run. You can endanger your own health and that of the occupants if you don’t follow the standard practice recommended procedures that a certified trained professional possess. By trying to “do it yourself” you can also leave mold residues that will continue to grow causing an unsafe environment.

Ceiling Mold
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