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Wood & Tile Cleaning

Wood and Tile Cleaning

It’s hard to find out what works best on your hardwood floors. Trust Dry Pros to shine, clean, and protect your hardwood floors safely and effectively.

We take pride in restoring and revitalizing old and worn wood floors with a build-up of grease and soils. Your tile and wood floors can be like new when you choose Dry Pros.

Bona Wood Floor Systems

At dry pros, we rely on Bona Systems, every step of the way, for sealers, stains, finishes, and cleaners that ensure us doing our best work every time.

The Bona System contains a full variety of high quality, high performance, environmentally safe products. Care for all the wood and tile surfaces in your home Dry Pros and Bona System.

Bring your problems to our experts

Hardwood floors and tile surfaces can be difficult to clean and maintain. The professionals at Dry Pros will gladly clean and shine your wood or tile floors to perfect condition.

Through 27 years of experience, you can count on us to give you the best quality treatment of your hardwood and tile. We’re dedicated to making sure we clean, shine and enhance the natural beauty of your wood furniture without leaving a dull residue.



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