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Fine Rugs & Upholstery

Safely cleaning your fine rugs and upholstery.

Your precious silk and wool rugs need dedicated kind of cleaning. At dry pros, we have this process down to a science.

Most average carpet cleaning companies can leave your expensive rugs or upholstery damaged, stiff, or crunchy. Instead, trust the experts at Dry Pros to make your rugs and upholstery bright and clean.

Odor & Urine Treatment

Dry Pros offers a new odorless space age polymer that safely and easily removes the toughness animal odors.

It works by reacting with forms of ammonia and sulfur which cause the following problem odor sources; urine, feces, decay, skunk, fish and various protein odors. this product is not a cover-up and is essentially odorless itself.


Remember: TACT!

TACT stands for time, Agitation, chemical and temperature these elements are used to clean your fine rugs and upholstery correctly.

Time: We modify our water solution to clean and dry in a timely fashion.

Agitation: Harsh scrubbing can hurt the fibers of your rug. We use gentle agitation for the best possible results.

Chemical: Dry Pros only use chemicals that ensure a PH balance that gives a deep clean without harming fibers.

Temperature: We’ve mastered understanding the perfect temperature to treat your rugs and upholstery.

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